An Overview of our Services

1. Manufacture of plastic piping, GRP piping and containers (Duroplast and thermoplastics)

2. Manufacture of Type E and Type D moulded parts, only GRP, DN 25 – DN 4000

3. Apparatus engineering and relocation of pipes in industrial facilities

4. Assembly and disassembly of plastic piping 

5. Lamination work

6. Manufacture of Type B moulded parts. PE, PP PVDF, PVC reinforced with GRP, synthetic resin and fibreglass all belong to the inliner group

7. Welding / Extrusion

Thermoplastics PP, PE, PVDF, PVC with Widos 2500 from DN 25 – DN 280 and with Widos 5100 from DN 280 - DN 600

8. Installation of cast lines

9. Repairs to GRP, steel and thermoplastic pipes

10. GRP coating

Please see our product catalogue for further details.